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Summer 2022 Program Cancellation

February 8, 2022
Given the uncertainty created by the current Omicron outbreak globally and in New Zealand we have unfortunately had to cancel our Ecology in Action Summer 2022 program.However, we are still accepting applications for Ecology in Action for  Fall '22, and for all programs (including SAFSA) ...
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Running Programs Under Covid-19

Running our programs under Covid has made things somewhat more complicated!

We have, however, put in place a detailed plan to safely deliver our programs and keep students and staff as safe as we can given the circumstances.

We have ensured our plan is aligned with the New Zealand government mandated Covid-19 'traffic light' system (COVID-19 Protection Framework). (See  for full details). Since the start of the pandemic New Zealand has been one of the leaders in managing the outbreak, and the risk levels are much lower than many other parts of the world.

Under these guidelines we believe it is safe to offer our programs at all levels, and at all times we are ready to move up or down levels depending on the situation. It is worth noting that, under the traffic light system, large scale lock downs are not required.

All Levels

Basic protections required at all levels.

  • EcoQuest require all staff & students to be fully vaccinated.
  • Record keeping / scanning of QR code required (Covid Tracer App) 
  • Good personal hygiene practices (regular hand washing / sanitizer & coughing sneezing into your elbow) apply at all levels.

Green - Limited Community Transmission

Aims to allow almost ‘normal’ social and economic activity while continuing to build health system capability.

  • Case numbers are kept low through testing,contact tracing and quarantine.
  • Hospitalisations remain at a manageablelevel
  • Face coverings encouraged when moving around the campus, in public spaces and where 1m physical distancing can’t be met (i.e. bathrooms, elevators, access ways) 
  • 1m physical distancing encouraged

Orange - Community Transmission

Community transmission of COVID-19, with increasing risks to vulnerable communities, and pressure on the health system.

  • Programs would run as usual, including the regular field trips and visits to public places. 
  • Vaccine passports are a key requirement for access to public places.
  • Social distancing is mandatory as is contact tracing.
  • Within public guidelines students will be free to travel during time off.
  • Public gatherings or events will be limited to 100 people.

Red - Take Action

need to take action to protect our vulnerable communities and our health system.

  • Emphasis on mandatory 1m social distancing. This will require careful coordination in shared spaces.
  • Face masks required in class, when moving around the field centre, in public spaces and where 1mphysical distancing can’t be met (i.e. closecontact courses, bathrooms, elevators, accessways)


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