Living and Studying under New Zealand COVID-19 Protection Rules

April 2023

Regular Testing

It is likely that COVID-19 will still be circulating in the airports and the community, so we will arrange for you to take Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT) at times during the program. The frequency of these tests will be determined at the time, based on the advice of the New Zealand Ministry of Health. EcoQuest will provide you with the RAT packs.

What happens if you test positive for COVID-19?

At the time of writing, if you test positive while at the centre, you will be required to self-isolate for seven days. you will be moved to your own room and staff will support you by providing meals, snacks, laundry, scheduled outdoor time, and daily check-ins. A bathroom will be set aside for use only by students with an active case of COVID-19. Remember to wear a well-fitting face mask when receiving items or when you leave your room during the isolation period. We will keep you involved with your learning either online or with handouts etc. provided.

If you test positive while on an extended field trip, we will arrange for you to return to the program base or provide a separate space either at the field site or at a nearby town/village and provide appropriate support and meal arrangements until you are ready to re-join the group.

Students as Close or Household Contacts

The Ministry of Health has confirmed that anyone at EcoQuest who is a close or household contact of a case is not required to isolate, however as a precaution we may choose to ask you to isolate for a period following your last exposure to the case. If your roommate tests positive for COVID-19, you should test daily for 5 days All students not in isolation can move freely as normal, adhering to mask requirements.


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